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Get the most out of being cancelled



After I called an Uber driver multiple racial slurs on camera, I didn't think I'd work again.
Thanks to Cancellation Hotline I lead the campaign against Critical Race Theory.


I was censured for my deeply-held beliefs, and forced to leave my job.
Thanks to Cancellation Helpline I'm a pundit for whatever the culture war is this week, and I've never felt more alive.


I attacked my ex-girlfriend on twitter, and I couldn't shake the sexism stigma.
Cancellation Helpline helped me fight back, and show that I'm the real victim.


I published the views of the silent majority, every week, for 2 years, and suddenly I'm the pariah?
Cancellation Helpline got my Substack started, now I'm mask-off with no-filter.


All pricing is bespoke, depending on particular circumstances.

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  • Editorial in a newspaper
  • GBNews Interview
  • Talk Radio Interview
  • Interview in Unherd or Spiked
  • A sock-puppet army to love-bomb your tweets


All previous benefits, plus

  • A medical explanation for how Ibuprofen made you tweet those things
  • Profile piece in an extra 2 newspapers
  • Today/Newsnight Interview
  • GBNews Commentator Role
  • Toby Young will not tweet about your plight